Design And Print

Digital Printing

Dye-sublimation printing is a process in which a design and print is carefully examined on a special paper and then transferred onto a shirt or another garment. The image is transferred via a chemical process in which the solid ink bypasses the liquid state and becomes a gas. This process is triggered by applying heat.

Direct Screen

DTG printing is a newer technology that allows you to print directly onto garments without going through a screen printer. This process uses special dye-sublimation inks that are applied into a pre-designed image by a computer system.



The main purpose of an embroidery machine is to create patterns on a piece of fabric. There are different types of embroidery stitches and designs that the machine can do. Free-motion sewing on an embroidery machine uses zig zag stitches.

Heat transfer

Heat transfer, also known as heat printing, is the process of applying an ink that is similar to that used in screen printing. Screen printed garments have an ink that is applied to the garment through a screen. The ink is then dried, or cured, on the garment by passing through a large dryer.


Embossing is when you press into paper or card stock from underneath. This means the finished design stands out from the paper, giving it more of a 3D effect.